A Human Approach

SENSORY MEDIA®, Discover the Way to Anchor Your Brand and Be Memorable


What is "Sensory Media®"?

It is the only form of media that has the ability to connect with all five of the human senses and is by far one of the most human approaches to building quality relationships.

Promotional products, when used strategically, have staying power; in fact, branded merchandise can yield hundreds, if not thousands, of impressions. Jae has taken this concept of promotional marketing one step further and has studied why these products affect people so much. She teaches these principles in her book Sensory Media®.

We need to buy some pens!


We need to have something that says "Thank You"

No we don't...

Um...yes we do! Our customers deserve it. And this book says it's good for business.

Then buy something cheap. They'll only use it once and throw it away...

Actually this book says the message on a pen will be seen on average 353 times. Do you really want me to tell that many people that we're cheap???

Gimme that book!

As marketers and business owners, we often have a love/hate relationship with this stuff. We love it because, well, people love receiving gifts. We hate it because it costs money and we don’t believe we can measure its effect.

The fact is 3-D promotional products make for POWERFUL marketing ... when you do it right!

If you’re seriously looking for that edge and want your brand to be memorable, “SENSORY MEDIA®” is the ticket.