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Shaking In Your Boots

Aha! Moment Monday

I was discussing a potential position with someone the other day.  They were presented with a contract offer that appeared to be a move up; the title and responsibilities were greater but the money offered was a step back.  While we need money to survive in our current economy, sometimes experience yields far greater results in the long run.  Would you agree that it’s possible for us to go forwards and backwards at the same time?

There are other opposites we use together, like black and white.  The use of “white space” on ads is as effective as the black print.  And if a situation is presented in “black and white” we believe that all aspects are considered because we’ve brought opposites together to create a plan.

Same holds true for in and out, in my opinion.  In the 70’s there was a saying that you were, “So far out that you’re in!”  “Far out” was an expression that meant “Cool!” and, well, “in” has always been in.  You can be thinking too much inside your box and be out of touch or in creative mode and out of competitive comparisons.  Opposites complement.

But when it comes to advancing, often times it’s the start that stops us.  Our inner flame of desire is drowned by too many questions, fear of the unknown or just plain lack of belief.  We resist the opposites of taking a plunge when it feels wildly uncomfortable.

Aha! ~ Success demands that you be scared and courageous at the same time!

Brene Brown says, “You can choose courage or you can choose comfort but you can’t have both.”  And when you choose courage know that fear will be right in step.

Recently I posted a “before” and “after” picture on my Facebook page (check it out @jaemrang).  I spoke with my mentor, Bob Proctor, shortly afterwards and he commented about how much courage it took to post those pictures but that words alone would have never conveyed the message as did the pictures.  He said because of my “courage” I had inspired hundreds of people.  I shared with him that it was my son who encouraged me to take that dreaded “before” picture (he also took the official “after” photo) and that the fear I felt before pressing the “post” button on Facebook was one of the highest levels I have felt – way out of my comfort zone – but I know it was worth it.

Get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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