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I just felt the shock of another proverbial door closing behind me. It was the third in two days, none of which was expected.

Or maybe they were.

I tried to make logical sense of the doors closing without anticipation but the reasons I came up with felt shallow. How could people so easily walk away from our long-standing relationship? Is the value of the partnership built on so many successes suddenly worthless?

I thought I was in control of how the shift was going to take play out but apparently not.

Or maybe I am.

Sharing the shock and somewhat dismay, my close friends laughed in celebration. They pointed out that the Universe is moving me forward, according to my detailed life script, freeing up time and bandwidth to enable me to attract what I need to fulfill my potential. They reminded me that what is important is to be in service.

Aha! ~ You have to break up or break down in order to break through.

Letting go is not my strong suit though I know it’s healthy and necessary.

I remember, too, what Bob Proctor, Author of You Were Born Rich used to say, “It’s not whether you are worthy of the goal but whether the goal is worthy of you.” After all, you’re trading your life – one precious moment at a time – for something, it might as well be something that ignites the Starfire within you.

My vision for what’s next is extremely clear in my mind’s eye. It’s also a bold undertaking. It requires belief and courage. Being all in with it, I realize the disruption that will come on the path. Thanks to like minds I call friends, who mirror the gifts of awareness back to me, and those I am attracting who see the need and want to participate, I realize the importance of release in order to maintain the vibe of the highest good.

Life is not supposed to be easy, it is supposed to be meaningful.

How are you at saying “Bye bye”?

I believe doors slamming in your face are different than those slamming behind you. Let’s talk more about them and how they serve your purpose on our A Human Approach channel entitled SLAM!

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