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Sleep Well

What does your nighttime routine look like?

Are you a night hawk who likes to catch up on your TV watching or can’t go to bed without clearing out your inbox? Or do you wind down early, replacing electronics with lots of cuddles?

Years ago, I changed up my routine to substantially reduce unnatural light in the evenings and replace that second wind of projects with calming activities, good reads or great conversations with friends.

I love listening to Brian Proctor – Bob Proctor’s son – tell stories about his upbringing, specifically of his nighttime routine with his dad. Brian shares that his dad would come into his room at night, put his hand on his chest, and share all the amazing things that happened in Brian’s life that day. If something didn’t go well, his dad would spin it in such a way to ensure Brian that it, too, was for good. He’d leave Brian with the knowing that he would wake up with a smile on his face with the awareness that the world was his, and finally, remind him just how much he was loved.

“We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it, there is suffering.” ~ Brené Brown.

How precious is that last hour before bedtime? What difference could it make in how we invested it?

Well, I remember how I loved tuck-in time when I was a child because of those very bonding conversations with my dad. Regardless of the fears, celebrations or secrets that would spill out, I closed my eyes feeling safe and loved. Then as a mom, it became my turn to embolden and inspire, to be the safe harbour of unconditional loving energy that sent my little one smiling into slumber.

Do we grow out of desiring that connection?

Aha! ~ There is no greater gift than to be seen, heard and valued.

It’s all too easy to take the worries of the day to bed when in fact, it’s the perfect time to remind ourselves, and those around us, how very meaningful life is – how meaningful they are – how meaningful we are.

Give a loving boot to suffering.

Wow, this was a tough one to write! I’ll explain more on the Human Approach Youtube channel entitled Sleep Well!

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