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Small Step – Big Impact

Aha!  Moment Monday


Who else can benefit?

It used to be called, “word of mouth advertising”.  Today it is labelled, “social proof” but it is the same thing.  We trust others’ opinions and experiences and count on fellow humans to validate brand messages and even content we consume in general.

There is a growing reason for that.  The more online we are the more difficult it is to sort through all the shares of information and know what is true.  Sometimes social media purveyors will take down articles or ads in question and allow other streams of potentially misinformation to flow uninterrupted.  We would like to believe that if something is in print that it is true; but we know better, so we count on the endorsement from someone we like and trust for validation.

What that means is that your share – your opinion, your experience – is of significant value.  So, who else might benefit by your influence? There is a proverb that goes like this: A joy that’s shared is a joy that’s doubled.  Can we triple it?

Aha! ~ “Having influence is not about lifting self but about elevating others.”  ~ Sheri Dew

Shifting from the point of your knowledge value to the point of your ability to lift others, swings the door wide open for opportunities to ignite many others.

Sharing a picture of you and your friends in your favourite restaurant?  How about including a tag of your clothiers where you bought what you’re wearing OR the foodbank and announcing your decision to buy a meal for someone else OR the gym club you just came OR the brand of shake you had for lunch that set you up for the meal OR the business your friends just start?

Sharing a picture of your dog?  How about including a link to the humane society OR to the clinic that keeps Charlie healthy OR groomers that makes Baily look so dashing OR of the brand of pet food Max couldn’t live without?

This authentic and indirect way of expressing your opinion is so authentic, and your influence could be that small step that makes a big difference in lifting another.

The more we share, the more we have.

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