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Aha!  Moment Monday

According to writer Caitlin Flynt in a recent “trends” report, psychedelics are back in style.

“With other 1960s design elements coming back into style, it’s no surprise that we see more psychedelic-inspired art. The bright colours and free-flowing forms of this iconic 1960s art style lend themselves to eye-catching graphic design.” Flynt says referring to poster art, websites, brand labels and design in general.

Ah, the 60’s: groovy tie-dyed T-shirts with bell bottom pants, far out wailing guitar solos, crochet home accents, and shall we say, “expanded consciousness”.

Edward L Deci in, Why We Do What We Do, identifies the sixties as a “…tense and dramatic decade…” where the concepts of freedom, authenticity and responsibility became muddled. Deci writes, “Psychologist Rollo May said that the sixties movement was about discovering oneself through love and will, but writer James Lincoln Collier said it was a movement that promoted self-indulgence as a virtue.” Some social critics saw that time frame as an essential movement towards a more human community where others, like Christopher Lasch, labeled it “…a time of narcissistic self-gratification.”

Anything sounding familiar? Has the movement returned with the art? Are we busting out of decades of compliance with a reignited desire for autonomy?

Aha! ~ “At the heart of human freedom is the experience of choice” ~ Deci

The sixties were an iconic time of rebellion to find truth, a time when the necessity of war was in question. It was a call for both authenticity and social responsibility which were often criticized as being opposing traits. True freedom, though, includes living authentically (on purpose) and being socially responsible (serving greater good).

Some philosophers will insist that everything is a choice – that you are always choosing and designing your destiny – but in a pressured, diverse world, being true to yourself requires that you rise above forces of chaos and control and take full responsibility.

Nobody said it would be easy, but life shouldn’t be a bummer. If you can dig it, it will all be worth it.

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