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Story Time

Aha! Moment Monday

My friend, Linda, sold her business.  While she enjoyed what she did – she owned a financial services business – and was very good at it, she was enslaved.  Her husband travelled with his work and she was never able to accompany him.  He said she should fire her boss and since SHE was the boss she decided perhaps it was time to sell.

Linda is an amazingly talented, driven and generous person – it’s not in her genes not to work – so she made a list of what was important to her in a job – time/money freedom, the ability to travel, unlimited income potential, etc., etc., – and after months of searching, found the perfect scenario.  It wasn’t a job at all, it was another business.  For over 20-years Linda has been a leader of leaders, living the life of her dreams and helping thousands of others do the same, even wrote the book.

What’s your story?

Does it include overcoming adversity, the trials and tribulations of parenting, the unparalleled experiences of travel, developing something you’re passionate about, memorable milestones, a community, discovery or as a pet owner?

Stories are powerful.  They generate emotion.  We relate to stories and they connect us in a way that facts alone can’t.

When we meet someone we ask them questions about their background, likes/dislikes, family and friends.  We’re looking for common ground from which to relate and potentially grow.

Aha! ~ Same holds true for brands

“If people are simply satisfied with you, you’ll struggle to grow.  To get to passion you must tell a story that resonates emotionally to engage your audience’s aspirations” writes Jeremiah Gardner in The Lean Brand.   Great brands tell stories that ignite your aspirations.

Tim Horton’s, a chain of about 5000 coffee houses in Canada, is iconic.  Make no mistake, they have great competitors in the coffee field but picking up a “Tim’s” is a daily ritual for millions of Canadians coast to coast.  Why?  The franchise connects us by sharing stories; in fact their commercials about each cup telling a story will make your eyes well up.

Let’s be honest: no one is moved to action by fact dumps and spread sheets.  If Tim’s told us they had 5000 restaurants to serve us it wouldn’t impart the same emotion that does having a “Timmy’s” in hand at the hockey rink or fundraising function.

Jeremiah reminds us, “Not only do customers care about the company story, but they care deeply about how they fit into the story.”   So it’s as much about how you use your story as it is the story itself; you know, tuning into that radio station WIFM that everyone listens to. Linda is definitely on that frequency using her story of time/money freedom like a magnet to those who aspire to achieve it.

Linda’s free book – LEARN IT & ENJOY IT   (I told you she was generous!)


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