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Aha!  Moment Monday

What story will you be telling a year from now?

Last year I was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year.  Like the other nominees I was asked to submit an outline of my company – who we were, what we accomplished, where we were going – and from that submission I was short-listed and eventually interviewed by the committee tasked to narrow the selection.

During the final interview they asked the same question in a variety of ways about where we were headed, specifically where I saw the company in three years.   I answered with our philosophy, our strengths and our intentions and each time they pressed for a committed, more explicit response I replied that three years was too far out to suggest anything concrete.  While I feel strongly that I have influence over my destination, life is too complex for me to accurately predict.  Agreed: being detailed about a vision is crucial to building it – all puzzles come with a visual on the box top – however unlike the puzzle pieces inside the box, real life pieces are not precut.

Who would have expected that technology would have accelerated a year in two months? Or that travel would be constrained?  Or that granny visits, concerts and hugs would be replaced with Zoom calls? Or that working from home would be a necessity versus a perk?

Aha! ~ The original three R’s have been replaced with resilience, relevance and reinvention

The best stories have a villain and a hero, and this is the year that will require you to pull from your chest the cape with the word courage across the back.  Resilience takes courage to not allow a knockdown to keep you down.  Relevance takes courage to understand shifting priorities and learn how to serve in new ways. Reinvention takes courage; to be someone you have never been before.

This year you will stand in the face of uncertainty and change with purpose in one hand and empathy in the other – open to possibilities – and a year from now, will tell a story like no other.  Decide that the happy ending is how you grew your family, your community, your business, and most importantly, yourself.

The awards gala, like many other events, sadly was cancelled so the winner was not afforded their moment in the spotlight.  2019 was a shot at Entrepreneur of the Year but make no mistake, 2020 is the Year of the Entrepreneur.

Let’s write our stories together!

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