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Stroke of genius

Aha!  Moment Monday

Do you live near a church with a bell tower that sounds out the time or do you have a grandfather or chime clock in your home?

If so you’ll know when you’re unaware of the time, the identifiable sound or song will alert you.

If it’s later in the day and you’re busy with your tasks or thoughts or maybe going for a walk you may pause to count the bongs or bells – one, two, three, four, five, six, seven … – and take note of the time.

Nine bells is quite the song and the stroke of 12 – mid day or midnight – is a concert that draws you in!

Some Mondays, this Aha! Moment might be a “one”. It might slip in and out of your morning quickly. Other times it might be a “five” that you’ll read to the end. A “nine” will cause you to think differently and the “stroke of 12” is the one when you email me asking if I’ve been following you; it resonates because of your level of awareness and supports exactly where you’re headed and what you need.

There’s another Aha! that’s off the wall. It might be triggered by a one or a seven or a 12 but this one is very personal and appears seemingly out of the blue. It’s the, “stroke of genius”. It might have been triggered by what you read but it was the result of you shifting your paradigm, acting in a different way and allowing creativity and possibility to be your guide. It’s that “stroke of genius” that changes everything.

Aha! ~ “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

It’s like the modified version of “Knowledge is power”. It’s only powerful when you apply it, right?

If someone or something challenges your belief and causes you to think differently, it opens your creative flood gates. And that exercise of thinking differently – maybe thinking like a four-year-old or thinking like a front-line worker or thinking like someone who has achieved high notoriety – in addition to getting into action that will propel you forward.

What’s cool is that you already own that genius.

And seriously … could there be a better time for a huge Aha!? Let’s bundle up and pivot together!!



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