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Super Hero Status

Aha Moment Monday

Last year I attended a spectacular retreat of professional women.

For the opening session, the organizers had put chair covers on our seats which was clever, but I wondered two things:

1. Why they didn’t fit properly, and
2. Why the branding was on the seat as opposed to the chair back.

(The marketer in me eye balls this kind of stuff.)

I sat quietly on my satin seat listening to the opening speaker.  When she was done she asked us to stand up and put on our “hero capes”.
Turns out they weren’t seat covers after all – they were hero capes!

We all paraded into a welcome area to do a networking exercise: identify with a Justice League character and look for others to complement.

I couldn’t help but notice the shift in body language when everyone was donning their capes.
They took postures and made gestures as to assert and extend, to serve and to lift.

Aha ~ “Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary.” ~ Gerard Way

“…who make themselves extraordinary.”  Not that someone else says you’re extraordinary or that you have to prove you’re extraordinary.
You are, yourself, extraordinary because you choose to be.

Just for fun, the next time you’re asked to help out on a project, to give advice, to solve a dispute, create a plan, set up an event, make an introduction, sponsor, organize, drive, write, contribute … whatever … strike that hero pose and exert your unique super powers.  Isn’t that what heroes do?

My cape is hanging in my office as a reminder.
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