A Human Approach

Stroke of genius

Aha!  Moment Monday Do you live near a church with a bell tower that sounds out the time or do you have a grandfather or chime clock in your home? If so you’ll know when you’re unaware of the time, the identifiable sound or song will alert you. If it’s later in the day and …

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Enough with the Newsletters, Already!

Aha! Moment Monday Paul, the CEO of an association I belong to, recently asked the member audience, “Would you like to receive more emails from us?”  Of course the groan from the floor gave the obvious answer.  Then Paul asked, “Would you like to receive emails from us that contained relevant information that is important …

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Pick One

Aha! Moment Monday Ahhh – the optimism and hope of a new year! The time in the calendar when we take stock of our accomplishments and pack up any sorrows to boldly go where no one has gone before.   So, what does this fresh start look like for you?   Before you answer that, …

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