A Human Approach

Come out of your shell

Aha Moment Monday We can learn a lot from lobsters. Lobsters grow by molting or shedding their shells. Now I don’t mean that they grow and then have to shed their shells, they actually grow as a result of shedding their shells. Here’s how the process works. Before they shed their shells they grow a …

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For when you want to accomplish something easily

Aha Moment Monday What was the first thing that popped into your head this morning? You might have been a bit groggy or, if you’re like me, startled by the alarm, but what is the first thing you remembered saying to yourself? Something like: “Ugh – I’m so tired!” “I’m never going to make that …

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The comfort of getting back into a routine

Aha Moment Monday Ahh…..September, the time to get back into the routine. The kids are back in school and we release the whimsical pattern-less summer for more structure and some sense of normalcy.   We humans certainly operate well with patterns and going back into the routine does sound comforting.   There’s no question that …

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