A Human Approach

Get your “creative” on

Aha Moment Monday In Canada, at this time of year, you hear the term “spring cleaning” a lot.   When everything was covered in a white blanket and the chilly air required layers of protective clothing, we held “spring” in our minds as our incentive to push through knowing that “spring” never disappoints.   It …

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Volunteer for Life

Aha Moment Monday The big question today is: Did you volunteer? Did you volunteer to bring in the coffees this morning? Did you volunteer to work on that big RFP due Friday? Did you volunteer to review applications, to hit the bank, to write the blog, to order the new computer, to analyze the data, …

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We have lift-off

Aha Moment Monday You’ve heard the term ‘Flight Recorder”, right? It’s nickname is Black Box (even though they’re often painted in “international orange”) and they’re standard equipment in an aircraft. Flight Recorders measure everything from pitch, airspeed, altitude, vertical acceleration, hundreds of instruments and internal readings, as well as cockpit conversations. They make possible the …

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