A Human Approach

No Pain No Gain

Aha! Moment Monday Do you have an “easy” button? I just put new batteries in mine. Years ago Staples designed this red button – the size of a paperweight – that when pressed says, “That was easy!” The button was featured in their commercials and by demand were sold in their stores (I tell more …

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Purging: Scary or Freeing?

Aha! Moment Monday Are you a hoarder? Does it give you joy to open your cupboards or your closet and see deep inventory of canned goods, a colourful array of clothing, dozens of sets of sheets and towels, a wide range of reading material, coffee mugs, tools, pens, buttons, shopping bags, socks and scarves? There …

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Enough with the Newsletters, Already!

Aha! Moment Monday Paul, the CEO of an association I belong to, recently asked the member audience, “Would you like to receive more emails from us?”  Of course the groan from the floor gave the obvious answer.  Then Paul asked, “Would you like to receive emails from us that contained relevant information that is important …

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