A Human Approach

Loyalty is Emotional

A friend of mine drives across town, three cities actually, including ours, for an appointment with her hairdresser.  The drive is about 60 km one way and, in traffic, it could take 1.5 hours, but my friend claims it’s worth it. Now there are 3897 hairdressers (I looked it up) between my friend’s home and …

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Just Breathe

Need a little inspiration? I have never met anyone who is 100% consistent in their mood or attitude, in meeting their goals, in sticking to their commitments, or in staying on budget.  After all, part of being human is not being robotic and allowing our free will and desire to steer the way. But that …

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Passionately Filling a Need on Purpose

Does “passion” have an effect on income? In a post by Chitra Reddy on why passion at work is so important, Chitra cites these benefits. 1. You motivate others, as passion triggers passion2. Your absenteeism is lower because you love your work3. You reveal your creative side4. You’re more loyal to your employer5. The overall …

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