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Take A Slice Out Of Competition

Aha! Moment Monday

We live in a competitive environment.

So, in the world of branding, individuals and corporations search for that unique selling proposition that will set them apart from the competition. Unless they’re innovators – creators of exclusive products or services – brands tend to look similar with a mild twist. Now that’s not to say that their uniqueness will not attract a certain clientele or demographic – different business models resonate with different people and corporate structures – but they remain a slice of the competitive pie.

Two things creative growth challenges with the competitive mindset.

One is the win-lose concept. Someone has to rise above another in order to achieve success.

The second is the “infinite pie” belief; that there is only so much business to go around.

In the book, “Give and Take: Why Helping Others Drives Our Success”, author Adam Grant equates the boundaries of “infinite” in how we give and take. In the case of negotiations, people who are takers will likely negotiate aggressively to look for a selfish win. Selfless people, on the other hand, tend to make too many concessions benefiting their counterparts at a personal cost.

Grant identified a third personality and called it “otherish”. “They reported high concern for their own interests and high concern for their counterparts’ interests.”

Aha! ~ You can have your pie and eat it, too.

Being otherish challenges you to, “…think in more complex ways and identify win-win solutions that both takers and selfless givers miss.”

The otherish’s strategy? Create value first. “By the time they give slices of pie away, the entire pie is big enough that there’s plenty left to claim for themselves: they can give more and take more” claims Grant.

“If you’re not getting a big enough slice of the pie, create a bigger pie.” ~ Bob Proctor, author of You Were Born Rich.


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