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Where are you being taxed?

Is it on your income?  Or perhaps you’re handing over property taxes to your city or region?  What about that pedicure, desk or birthday gift you bought?  Was tax added to that purchase or is it buried like an import or manufacturing tax?  Have you paid estate taxes, land transfer taxes, or carbon taxes? (the carbon tax on our home heating bill doubled this month and we’re charged a harmonized tax on the entire bill – yes – tax on tax).

In Canada if you buy raw chicken and a big bottle of juice there is no tax – they’re considered groceries – but if you buy prepared chicken and individual servings of juice they are taxed.  And one of my earlier favourite wines from California is $15.50 a glass at the golf club but I can purchase the same bottle at the source for $5.00.   You’ve got it – all tax.

Now there is a reason for collecting pools of tax: to deliver services, education, garbage collection, healthcare, policing, road maintenance, governance and so much more.  But do you ever feel like you’re overtaxed for the services you receive?

Now, what about the stuff that taxes you; not the tax itself but the toll you pay from that which disrupts your mojo?  Like a draining relationship, a dead-end job, the inability to connect with people who are important to you, inadequate finances, a broken body – or worse, a broken spirit – or old paradigms that act as barriers to happiness?

Aha! ~ “To force a man to pay for the violation of his own liberty is indeed an addition of insult to injury.”  ~ Benjamin Tucker                                  

Now we know that Tucker was referring to income tax and I’ll steer clear of that political address here, but wouldn’t you agree that we pay handsomely in terms of freedom of growth and expression when we allow that which doesn’t serve us to consume our energy? It’s extremely taxing – draining, in fact.

Imagine how liberating it would be to detox yourself of stupid rules, adult children, old programming, deadlock work and packaged foods? At this time of spring and rebirth, gift yourself true freedom one conscious decision at a time.

Gives a whole new meaning to “pay attention”, eh?

Check out our Human Approach channel for the “I’m so taxed!” video and get ready to release what wears you!

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