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Tell your story

Aha! Moment Monday

Story telling is such an effective way to educate and communicate.

I think it’s because when we tell a story, we relive the emotion of the event bringing the listener into our experience.

It’s more than just getting the facts across.

It’s about impact and outcome.

When we tell a story we’re sharing a piece of ourselves.

Remembrance Day is a rich story-telling day.

When you listen, you hear of camaraderie, tragedy, persistence, isolation, heart break, victory – circumstances and events beyond compare and a myriad of emotion to make it real each time the story is told.

And for a brief moment at 11:11:11, time stands still as we recognize and appreciate those who dedicated their lives to freedom.

Those who tell the stories.

Then we return to enjoying that freedom until the time comes again that we remember.

Aha, our own story of gratitude is a powerful way to honour the stories of our heroes.

We all experience heartbreak and tragedy in our lives.

But at the end of the day our tummies are full and we sleep in nice cozy beds.

My story starts, “Forever in grateful thanks……..”


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