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Thank You So Much

Aha! Moment Monday

Yay!!  You’re here!!  I really am thrilled to ‘see’ you!

In fact many days I wish this was a live event where we could all be in the same room together to share the enthusiasm for a start to a new week with an eye-opening, energetic Aha!

The important thing is that you’re here and I, for one, celebrate that!  It was a decision you made, one of many decisions you will make today with regards to where to invest time.  Our 60-seconds together are a big deal and I thank you.

Imagine, for a moment, that every time you walked into work you were greeted with that same sentiment, or, to keep it fresh, a version of heart-felt thanks!  You already know you’re appreciated for the thoughtful work you do – your colleagues, customers and family think you’re terrific – but is it okay that it’s assumed and only expressed in an annual performance review or milestone celebration?

Aha! ~ A moment of appreciation yields a lifetime of inspiration.

As I’m writing I had this vision of a CEO standing up from her desk to walk through the office, then through the plant, to stop at every one of the 273 work stations, shake the hand of the person diligently contributing to the corporate vision, and say “Thank you for being here today.  We’re glad you’re here. You’re part of the reason why we do what we do so well.  Thank you, again.”  Could you imagine how that memory would be permanently implanted in your brain?

In a post by David Clarke, PWC Chief Experience Officer, he writes, “The employee experience isn’t just the first year or two – it’s woven in.  If you want the best people creating the next iteration of your experience, products and service so they truly wow customers, then culture is crucial.  Also important is believing that onboarding should be ongoing for as long as someone works at the company.”

I believe that creating a positive culture is a two-way investment that starts at the top.  People need the right tools, environment and effective communication in order to shine.  They also need a safe place to try out new ideas and to build both themselves and the company.  In order to help them do that, you need to know who they are.  And when you do, let them know they’re in the right place and you couldn’t be happier…for both of you.

Oh, and even if you’re not at the tippy-top, act like a leader anyway and appreciate all of those around you.  We’re in this success-and-happiness thing together.


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