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That’s Very Neighbourly of You

Aha! Moment Monday

In my neck of the woods, the snow started falling earlier than usual and has been pretty consistent in keeping us in a blanket of white the past couple of months.  It’s beautiful, especially on a full moon at night, because the snow reflects the light and makes the landscape brighter.

As part of my exercise commitment I often take power walks.  Walking in the snow, especially on uphill terrains, it’s like running on the beach.  Without being able to get a firm grip, even in snow boots, it’s far more of a workout than would be on clear pavement.

What can make walking at this time of year even more challenging is the slight shifts in temperature around the freezing mark.  The intermittent, daytime sunshine melts the snow a little then those melted pools freeze overnight.  On evening walks those patches of ice aren’t always visible and it’s all too easy to lose your footing.

It doesn’t need to be that way, though.

Part of the deal of being a homeowner here is assuming responsibility to clear the sidewalk on your property within 24-hours of snow fall.

Many make some level of effort, others just drive over the snow trying to pack it down, people on corner properties clear the walk on their driveway but not the rest of what surrounds them, then, there are the snowbirds that vacation at this time of year and forget to leave someone in charge of clearing the way whatsoever.  It means the walkers, runners and dedicated dog owners take their chances.

If we’re not part of one of those groups who braves the elements, clearing the way may simply not be a priority…from our perspective…but we’re all part of the same neighbourhood, right?

Do we epitomize the neighbour we’d like to live beside?  Or the friend we couldn’t live without, the mentor we admire, the volunteer who lights it up, the spouse we deserve or the colleague that makes work, not work?

Aha!  ~  Step outside

When we shift our perspective to see ourselves as do our neighbours (friends, colleagues, family) – to walk in another’s shoes, so-to-speak – we’re more likely to take an enlightened interest in paving a compassionate path.

After all, great neighbours make great communities.

And like the sidewalks, we’re all connected.


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