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The Art of Thank You

Aha!  Moment Monday

How do you say, “Thank you”?

Or here is a more thought-provoking question, “When do you say, “Thank you”?”

Expressing appreciation is often a knee-jerk reaction. Someone hands you a package and you say, “Thank you”. You drop your keys, someone picks them up and hands them back to you, you say, “Thank you”. Someone lets you go ahead in line and you say, “Thank you”. That is a wonderful habit to get into, that you don’t even have to think about how to recognize a favour, the words, “Thank you” roll off your tongue automatically.

And how you show appreciation is likely proportionate to the favour, or task, or effort extended. A simple, “Thanks for taking care of that” might be sufficient when someone takes out the garbage, however an introduction or referral that lands you a new job or contract requires another level of appreciation. How might you handle that?

The typical “thank you” is like a completion of an event that has already happened. It is a reward, of sorts and part of social convention. (When you don’t get a “thank you”, do you feel that something is missing?)

Orrin Woodward said, “ingratitude produces pride while gratitude produces humility.” Does that mean by putting our pride aside and focusing on service, we can actually change our posture, our confidence, our outlook or even our life?

Aha! ~ It is impossible to be negative when you are giving thanks.

When you give thanks in anticipation of an outcome or give thanks for challenges you’ve endured in the past, or give thanks to all the people of whom you have encountered – or will encounter – and their input whether you agree with them or not, or give thanks for your body, your mind, your abilities, your comfy bed, yummy food and simply being the amazing YOU that you are, when would you possibly have time to be negative?

My favourite THANK YOUs are the ones that come unexpectedly.

How might your day change today if you connected with someone by phone or email or online and simply said “Hey, just want to thank you for being in my life.” If you really want to make their day, send chocolate 😊

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