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Aha! Moment Monday

I was introduced to the concept of MasterMinding several years ago when I was invited into a group of international entrepreneurs. Being a person who is hard-wired as an entrepreneur, it’s my inclination to think fast and move fast.  I trust myself and have always been okay with taking responsibility for a decision and potentially falling down as a result.  My DNA is not conducive to the MasterMind concept but I decided to give it a try.

The partners of the MM group met by conference call once per week at the same time – that dedicated time was sacred – and exchanged goals and support with one another.

Many MM partners with whom I’ve shared time, inner most desires and challenging circumstances, did not agree. Sometimes there was significant resistant to entertaining the questions asked or the information offered.

Were we being stubborn?  Was the information shared not congruent with our thought patterns?  Did the MM partners not align?

Aha! ~ Great minds think differently.

Resistance is a great success-blocker.  The brilliance in MasterMinding happens when everyone is 100% present and fully surrenders themselves to sharing and entertaining new possibilities.  It didn’t take long for me to become an active contributor and die-hard supporter. Over the years, the partners in our MasterMind group came and went but one stayed on with me – Leadership Strategist, Ann Elliott – and we have become trusted advisors, confidants, builders and cheerleaders of each other for several years.  There isn’t a topic that Ann and I haven’t put on the table and grown from as a result.

When you share your goals and desires inside the MasterMind, you’re choosing to believe in combined intelligence to deliver ideas and answers, and accept that they are exactly what you need to hear at that time.

Will all the ideas you give and receive appear logical and on point?  Likely not.  Will all suggestions be utilized?  Again, probably not.  At the end of the day it’s your success path you’re walking and ultimately you’re in charge; but you never know where that next great idea might originate.

MasterMinding is like tuning into an exclusive YouTube channel.

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