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The Cookier Cutter Approach to Creatvity

The Cookie Cutter Approach to Creativity Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? What could duplicability have to do with being creative? A lot! Think of a one-of-a-kind building; the CN tower in Toronto, Eiffel tower in Paris, the Parliament buildings in Ottawa, Pebble Beach Golf Club in California. What makes them unique is their iconic design. What brings them in common is the process by which they were built. While they are famous because they are one of a kind, could we build a second? Absolutely! Likely we wouldn’t because that was the point of the structure in the first place – to be symbolic – but in the corporate world, the ability to duplicate success is a must. The cookie cutter approach is a duplicable process to inspire results on purpose. Here are the steps. #1 Define the VISION. What does success look like? Whether it’s a one-off event or a full brand launch, creating the vision of what would make it successful means painting that clear mental picture and sharing with the team. It’s essential to establish clarity at this stage and ensure all contributing members see the same picture. #2 Identify the absolutes, the unchangeable. If you’re building a gift item for a conference, for instance, the absolutes might be: • Your corporate values – what is your core message? • Branding and identity – what does your style guide say? • The date and location of the conference • Demographics – who is your audience? The most expensive money you ever spend is when you buy without looking at the absolutes. If your corporate colours are turquoise and gold, would you purchase branded fuchsia mugs because they’re on sale? Or would you order pens off-shore for an event next week? If you begin to apply the creative factor before establishing the absolutes, you’re in for a dose of time and spending abuse. #3 Be open to possibilities. This is where, in the process, that the creative element is applied. Working out of order and applying creative thinking before the vision is clear or the absolutes are identified can mean costly refining. Once the foundation is established though, all ideas are good ideas and you are in prime space for generating infinite potential. The Cookie Cutter approach to Creativity • Start with the vision • Identify the absolutes • Be open to possibilities Structure can provide a solid foundation for ongoing creativity. It starts with a vision. Then before we can apply creativity, we need to identify some absolutes. Following the process ensures we can make the cut time and time again…Inspiring Results on Purpose ® Jae M. Rang, MAS Chief Inspiring Officer

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