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The Doppler Effect in stress terms.

Aha Moment Monday

Have you ever been invited to an event then you sit on the fence about answering?
It sounds like a great event but you’re not 100% certain it’s for you or you can attend.
Maybe you need more information about the event OR maybe you’re keeping that time frame open for another potential opportunity OR maybe attending is the politically correct thing to do but not an authentic move on your part.

So, you receive a number of prompts and requests for your attendance but you stall answering because you just can’t make a decision.
Finally the day before the event you know you need to make a decision … but you don’t … and the event passes (without you) and the stress of the whole thing passes with it.

The Doppler Effect, stress version.

If you’re not familiar with the Doppler Effect, it goes something like this: It’s the change in frequency of a wave for an observer (you) moving relative to its source.
Imagine a siren on an emergency vehicle.
As the vehicle approaches, the siren gets louder. The sound is most prominent at the time it immediately passes, then the sound recedes.
Doppler’s explanation: The wave frequency is higher during the approach, identical at the instant it passes, then lower during the recession.

Do you find that when an event or project is in the distant future, the stress level is low but as it approaches, the stress increases?
And the demand for your attention increases with it?

Aha – Stress is directly proportionate to the level of urgency!

It’s true! Our stress level and attention towards and event or project changes relative to the demand for our attention.

The solution? Make a decision.

Decisions are very empowering because they are both the end and the beginning.
Here’s what I mean.
Once you make a decision about an event, it’s done – you’ve made the decision – you’re going. It’s in your calendar and you are committed.
Then you can begin to start working on what you need to do to get ready.
Do you need to invite a team? Create a presentation? Make travel arrangements? Schedule meetings or planning sessions to accommodate?
You’ve released huge stress having made the decision and now your plan of honoring your commitment is in motion.

And what a gift you’ve given to the organizers of the event or project manager to have made that commitment in advance.
High fives all around!

Succeed deliberately!

Jae M. Rang, MAS

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