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The emotion behind solutions

Aha Moment Monday

When people ask you what business you’re in, how do you respond?
Are you in the business of IT?
Are you a food purveyor?
Are you a provider of bedding and towels?

Charles Revson, the founder of Revlon, said about his company, “In the factory, Revlon manufacturers cosmetics, but in the store Revlon sells hope.”

When the Sales Manager or V.P. of Finance at Revlon reviews the sales reports they would be looking at the number of lipsticks, mascaras, and nail enamels they push through.
But Charles Revson understood that while his company brought a commodity to market, it was the emotion behind why people bought that drove the sales.

In, “The E-myth”, Michael E. Gerber asks the question, “What feeling will your customer walk away with? Peace of mind? Order? Power? Love? What is he really buying when he buys from you?”

Aha – Emotion trumps reason

Coke ® started with, “Drink Coca-cola” as their first advertising slogan in 1886 and moved through a number of tag lines around their drink, like, “Delicious and refreshing”, and “Things go better with Coke”.
Their slogans in 1917 and 1925, reflected their market dominance: “Three million a day” then “Six million a day”.
They tapped into the physical “thirst-quenching” need with, “Refresh yourself” (1924) and, “Be really refreshed” (1959)

Then in 2009 they launched, “Open Happiness”.
While Coke ® provides bottled beverages, they sell “happiness”….and who doesn’t want to be happy??

The term, “solutions” has been incorporated into many corporate missions but it’s still somewhat incomplete.
We need to dig deeper and know that the real mission is for your solution to generate a positive emotion.

Think of it like you’re being paid in emojis and you’ll have the world on your doorstep.

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