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The Fear and Liberation of the Fire of Conclusion

Aha! Moment Monday

Fire is mesmerising.

Staring at a candle can put you in a calm state of focus and meditation

Campfires do more than offer warmth and gooey marshmallows with which to make s’mores. Their dance is engaging.

Even the burning lava spilling from the volcanoes in Hawaii was devastating in effect but stunning to watch.

Fire is magnetic. We’re drawn to it. It’s captivating and we know it’s purposeful to our survival yet can mean both the end and a new beginning all at once. Fire gives heat and light, it can also transform metal, water and many natural elements into new stages of their existence, all because fire burns.

Knowing what fire is capable of we respect it, use it wisely and learn at an early age to never just jump in.

Yet, oddly, sometimes we jump to metaphoric fires, like that of “conclusion” without giving it the respect it deserves.

Say you want to ensure your visitor easily finds your house so you chalk your street number – nine – on your drive. You share with your visitor to simply look for the big number nine on the pavement but your visitor can’t find you.

Why? You drew a perfect, bold “nine”! From your perspective you drew a nine. From the street, it appears to be a six.

Aha! ~ “Just because you are right, doesn’t mean I am wrong. You haven’t seen life from my side.”

When you jump to conclusion you’re almost certain to get burned.

Conclusions, like fire, can be enormously purposeful. When you ask quality questions, gather specific data and in appropriate cases offer compassion and empathy, you can come to powerful, advancing conclusions. But by jumping in – not taking appropriate steps to safely and confidently reach the fire of conclusion – the potential to cause irrefutable damage or ignite fire’s uncontrollable continuum is greater.

Science is absolute but in humankind’s world where we infuse emotional variables into any situation, there’s often far more than just one right answer. Shine in your own light and give others permission to do the same.


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