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The Feedback Gut Punch

How much can one complaint affect your behaviour?

Even in a situation where you have overwhelming support, how easy is it to let one vocal naysayer affect your action going forward?  There’s no question we can learn and grow from negative comments, but how much credence is fair to give to one comment?
Greek physicist, Archimedes, in the second century B.C., formed theories and practices about centres of gravity.  Basically, the theories state that in any system of particles there is a specific location at which the whole system’s mass behaves as though it was concentrated.  If you act upon the centre point, you are likely to act upon the whole body.
Your natural, physical centre of gravity – known as the lower Dantian – is just below your navel. It’s your power centre.  You have the ability to shift your centre of gravity, but, in essence, the Dantian is its natural home.
I’m drawing a parallel here between Archimedes’ findings and your being – both physical and non-physical – in this way: when we put our Self out there and criticism arrives, it can feel like a gut punch.  And when it comes, do you allow the feedback to change your driver, or dismiss it, because it didn’t feel good?
Aha! – Assess feedback based on its congruency with your centre
Often people qualify comments or feedback based on their origin, which makes sense as criticism will come through another individual’s programmed filters. However, you never know who might drop the perfect nugget at just the right time in your evolution.  It’s good to stay open, right?

The important step in deciding whether to embrace or discard the feedback is in assessing its relatively to your centre – your core being.  If it aligns and resonates, act on it. If not, discard it.
You’re the one who knows YOU best so don’t let anyone “should” on you (you know, “You should do this! You should do that!” 😊) Be open to possibility thinking – especially when shift hits the fan – and stay your course.

“Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.”  ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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