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The Gratitude Journal

When we were designing the Gratitude Journals for PGI, Gina and I discussed calling them something other than a “gratitude journal”.

While the act of taking time and writing in a journal can be both enlightening and empowering, we discussed wanting those receiving these journals to be fully aware of the magnitude of embodying a spirit of gratitude and that this journal would ignite that.
You see, most of us are caught up in our own life’s drama.  In that bubble, expressing gratitude requires a conscious pause as opposed to “gratitude” being a heightened, ongoing state of awareness, trust, or contentment.

Why is it important to know the difference?  When we’re grateful, we open the flood gates for reciprocity.  In a state of gratitude, we recognize the gifts of people and circumstances and become more naturally open to possibilities of both giving and receiving.  How do you keep the flood gates open every moment of every day?  

Aha! ~ Be grateful for yourself first.  

When life is overwhelmingly stressful, being grateful and subsequently extending generosity won’t be second nature until you come from a place of wholeness and awareness of the gift that you are.
In truth, you have far more than you’re aware of, which is where embodiment comes in: gratitude for what you see and what you don’t, gratitude for what you love and what challenges you, gratitude for knowing you’re in the exact right place at the exact right time….for you.

In a state of gratitude, you’re extending yourself beyond pinpointing specifics that you can see and recognizing that the Universe is filled with an abundance of good vibes just waiting for you to tap into.
So, rule #1: you need first to be grateful for who you are (not get hung up on who you’re not), and that includes all the people, circumstances, and experiences that contributed to, and will continue to contribute to, creating a unique YOU. They may not always be what you asked for, but they are definitely what you need on your life’s journey.
Then rule #2: you need to give to yourself first. Honor yourself with the gift of time, patience, love, kindness, support, understanding, belief, honesty, acceptance, encouragement, and nourishment in every aspect.
It’s at that point of being ridiculously content, loving being you, that you become centered in your own fulfillment – just because – and welcome the flow of abundance.
For the journals, Gina’s team came up with “With An Open Heart” for the cover, and at the top of each page of the journal is written, “I am grateful for:”   

I wonder what difference it would make if everyone chose, “I am grateful for: Being me” as their top item each day?  

It all starts with an open heart.  



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