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The Information Diet

Aha! Moment Monday

Have you written this letter to your inbox?

Dear Inbox.  Today I love you, yesterday, not so much.  While I appreciate you always, it’s tough to love you unconditionally.  Some days you bring me encouraging messages or ones I was waiting on, business opportunities, and invitations to learn and connect.  Other days you deliver bills, reminders of things that truly aren’t important right now, and more alerts and noise that I’d care to see.  That’s making it very difficult for me to see the good in you!  For that reason I am choosing to delegate some of your load to your sister, “Clutter” and your brother, “SPAM”.  I know you won’t be happy about not being the bearer of all news but just think how much lighter you’ll be and how much easier it’ll be for us to focus on what’s important!  Looking forward to more quality time together, Love me.  P.S.  Thanks for being you.

While your inbox is a phenomenal source of information and connectivity, too much of anything is no good.  You have to ask yourself,  is your inbox an organizing system for other people’s agendas?

How about this scenario, does it sound familiar?  You go online to do some banking.  You see an article and begin to read it, then an ad pops up that is exactly what you were looking for, and while you’re shopping you might as well check out the expiring specials.  You remember that it was a friend’s birthday so you jump on Facebook to sending greetings and see trending scoop about a current President – you can’t resist checking that out – and scrolling down find a video that made you laugh so hard you just had to share it.  Then you realize 45 minutes has gone by and you haven’t done your banking.

Does your day consist of simply reacting?  How do you carve time for the important stuff?

Aha! ~ Plan an information “fast” each day.

Some days we need to be honest and ask ourselves if our information obesity is self-imposed.

Life, and everyone in it, is so fascinating!  At any given time millions of people are sharing everything from their pets to their meals, their travels and their conferences, their ideas to their products.  Following them is a phenomenal way to learn and stay connected with humankind.  But there’s a time to follow and a time to lead.

In that mix of priorities must be protected elements of time that you honor yourself, do your work, fulfill your purpose.  In fact, shouldn’t that be job one?
On Brendon.com, Brendon Burchard asks, “Who will you reach out to as opposed to who will you respond to?”  Perhaps they all deserve action but choose to decide when.  “Design your day”.

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