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The Million Dollar Brain

Aha! Moment Monday

If you were offered a million dollars or a million dollar idea which would you choose?

The million dollars sounds like the safe route and is likely the hands-down answer for most. Perhaps because you can count a million dollars – you know exactly the worth – whereas it’s tough to know the worth of an idea.

The problem is when people come by riches quickly they haven’t necessarily earned the right to the money by mastering the skills and attributes required to take responsibility of that power (attested by the fact that over 70% of lottery winners go bankrupt).

Is taking the money and running the smart move or are you actually leaving money on the table?

Aha! ~ “Money is worth no more than brains. It is often worth much less.” ~ Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich.

Less? Yes!

Hill explains that “competent brains” represent a more desirable capital than that which is required to conduct a business based on commodities. You see brains can’t be depreciated by recessions!! Money is worthless until it’s been mixed with efficient brains.

Elliott Wu, MBA Entrepreneurship & Business Strategy answers the million dollar question with a specific extension, “What is really worthwhile is the million dollar idea execution.” Ah…that’s where the “efficient brain” comes in.

So how do you become “efficient”? Well, Think and Grow Rich is a gem to discover sound principals that are as relevant today as they were in 1937 when the first copy rolled off the presses.

But for starters, ask yourself this question: If I had been the purchaser of my own services this year, would I be satisfied with my purchase?

Does your conscience approve of all of your actions?

Have you delivered to your highest standard in collaboration with others?

Are you a go-giver (as opposed to a go-getter)?

An idea in the hands of the right brain – one who abides by the principals – is pure potential and truly limitless.

And you don’t have to wait for an idea to be handed to you. Every person has the opportunity to render useful service and the law of economics says you’re compensated in direct proportion to that service.

So try this: gather a few pals you respect and brainstorm on ideas of services you could deliver. No idea is too crazy – all ideas are welcome. When you come across one that resonates, stay with it, massage it and begin to own it.

It’s pretty cool knowing you’re your own bank!


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