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The Most Expensive Real Estate You’ll Ever Own

Aha! Moment Monday

We all own real estate.

Some are fortunate to own pieces of the planet to call home to their families or their businesses.

I’m one such person and love sitting in my back yard. I live on the bend of a crescent so my backyard extends widely across the back. I have mature trees, a putting green, a number of gardens including my modest veggie plot, herb planters and a big deck with a welcoming, circular coffee table and chairs. I invest in my back yard so that it’s a sanctuary of sorts and a comfy place to BBQ and entertain.

I think it’s a fairly decent size for a city property but my perspective changes when I’m flying. On a clear day I can identify my area as we pass over on approach for YYZ and I often think of how much money I paid for a teeny weenie tiny space on the planet.

But there’s an area in which we all have ownership that is millions of times smaller and vastly more expensive. That’s the real estate we call our minds.

We’ve been given that space for free but it’s so valuable and personal that it can’t be resold. But can it be bought? Can anyone take up residence in your room? And for how long are they allowed that precious liberty?

Aha! ~ “We’re like a gardener with a hose and our attention is water – we can water flowers or we can water weeds.” ~ Josh Radnor

It’s somewhat of a hindrance that we can’t see that personal space; but – make no mistake – what we can see is the effect of how we’re maintaining it.

Own your values – positivity, kindness, respect, abundance …, then allow only those people, issues and circumstances that align with those sentiments to be welcome for any length of time. All gardens have weeds – they, too, serve a purpose – but you decide for how long.

“Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones.” ~ Mike Dooley


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