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The Power of Stories

Aha Moment Monday

I’m always mesmerized watching TED talks. It reminds me how much talent and experience we’re amidst.

And as a speaker, I’m always in awe of how the presenters are so poised and rehearsed yet still allow their passion to shine through.
People who are researchers, coaches, athletes, refugees, survivors, inventors, artists, statisticians, conservationists, and so many others whose usual stage is often something other than a public speaking one, step forward to share their ideas and tell their stories. These stories have millions of on-line views and help us all to expand our minds and open our hearts.

If I said you were going to be given 15 minutes on the TED stage to share one big idea, would you? Peeling off a layer to uncork your story might make you feel vulnerable but is keeping your story to yourself a little selfish?

“As old as man himself, the oral tradition of storytelling is a hallmark element of the human experience all over the world. Some cultures associate story with so much power that a storyteller is essentially a being with special spiritual insight and powers; this would be the equivalent of a medicine man or a healer in a tribe.” says instructor Angela Gentry.

If you knew you would be healing another or moving humankind forward with your story, would you share your story now?

Aha – Your story starts about you, and ends about another.

Your story might be a discovery in your work, a pivotal time in your life, an enlightened perspective as a parent or from a relationship, a philosophy, a methodology or an accomplishment.
Releasing your story might make you feel vulnerable or exposed. But knowing that by sharing your idea you could positively affect others, it’s worth taking that big breath and having the courage to do so.

We learn from stories.
We all have one moment, one thought, one experience, one discovery that if shared, could alter the life of another…or of thousands.

Raise your hand. Use your voice. Make a difference.
Your spotlight awaits.


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