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The Sacred Pause

It’s so natural, thanks to our intellectual factors, for us to judge things.  So natural, in fact, that we don’t even realize we’re doing it.

That outfit does not suit her.  My child would never lie. What you said is so hurtful.  I have the best boss ever.  The weather sucks.  Bermuda is the most beautiful island.  That idiot just cut me off.  I’m the only one who can lead that project.  People who are late have no respect.

We label, create stories, and establish opinions by applying our filters – morals, conditioning, values, religion, safety, usefulness, meaningfulness, or through our experience – and lightning fast, take a position.

We justify that position based on our truth, what we believe at the time.  Sometimes that perspective serves us and other times it can create a barrier to creative solutions and meaningful relationships.

What is the risk of entertaining new perspectives?

Aha!  ~ Be open-minded.  It’s not like your brain is going to fall out.

Being open-minded means pausing at the point of judgment to take the position of the observer.

Step back from a situation and see it objectively, perhaps ask clarifying questions about what is happening then challenge yourself to potentially respond in a way that inspires growth, empowerment and positivity. 

It may mean choosing to humble yourself after having received new information – for example, her outfit didn’t suit her because her luggage was lost and she had to borrow something to wear – or after your investigation, you may choose to maintain your perspective.  Either way, a reflective pause gives you the opportunity to do better.

And when you know better, do better.

It takes effort to challenge your beliefs.  Effort that we’re not used to employing because it’s faster and easier to do what we know.  Let’s talk more on our A Human Approach Youtube entitled The Sacred Pause.

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