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Aha!  Moment Monday


There is a reason that Peggy McColl has an enormous, global following and is extremely successful.

Peggy is a New York Times Best-Selling author, has 13 books to her credit, has helped countless authors and wannabe authors publish their unique stories and become best-sellers themselves. Peggy has also become a leader in personal development by simply sharing what she, herself, is learning.

Peggy will admit that one of the reasons she is successful is because of her passion for purpose and excellence and that she is not afraid to do the work necessary to succeed. All true, but Peggy’s success isn’t just in numbers. There’s more to it.

Peggy, like all of us, has had her internal struggles, set-backs, challenges, less-than-favourable circumstances and frustrations but Peggy faces, head on, that which would turn many away on their own journey; as they say, “It’s the start the stops most people.”. She has learned to read, think, then regroup – lessons in hand – then simply take a next step. But there’s still more as to why Peggy is a manifestation miracle magnet.

Peggy admits to having a self-sabotaging attitude when she was younger – Not being coachable and having low self-esteem, which meant you would have found Peggy in the back row of any presentation designed to be inspiring. Peggy’s attitude shift and resulting success has many wanting to read what she reads, befriend who she befriends, and make habit of her habits to have what she has.

But it is not only what Peggy does that made her this beacon, it is what she feels. Peggy operates through love.

Aha! ~ “Love is a state of awareness, not a lifestyle choice.”  Deepak Chopra in, The Healing Self

“Love is the healthiest of all emotions.  It sustains life at a level of trust, joy and compassion unrivaled by anything else.”

Love is the whole system at work.

While our brains are the ultimate in sophisticated computers, the heart is the electromagnetic centre that communicates a vibration with each impulse. Being that we are energy beings, we are always sending and receiving vibrational waves through thought and feeling.  Negativity, (low vibration) – fear, doubt, anxiety, frustration, anger, judgement, mistrust, shame – tears us down.  Love, (highest vibration) – empathy, compassion, forgiveness, trust, safety, devotion – build us up … and others.

Peggy knows that when you make being your ‘best self’ priority, you commit to increasing self awareness and self love.  You naturally increase self-esteem then cast all joy, compassion and trust into everything you do.  And since life is like a mirror, Peggy knows, what you give you receive which means she lives a deserving lifestyle.

“Humans are not biological robots” writes Chopra. “We live for meaning, for the personal value of every experience.”  Trust, forgiveness and love and not cardiology terms but they all have profound consequences on your health in all aspects.

Live from the heart. Be a best friend.  Enjoy every moment”  ~ Me

Bring your favourite love/success story to the group Tuesday October 27that Noon.  It is a BIG topic that we all need to give a little love to!

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