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The Truth About Being Ignored

Aha!  Moment Monday

We make up the craziest stories about things. A few of my past beauties were around why someone didn’t call me back, why we didn’t get the project, and why I wasn’t included, and you know what?  I made up all of them.  

To be fair, sometimes people don’t return calls, we don’t get projects, or we are not included in something we were expecting to be – that’s real life – but it’s the stories I told myself about why those things didn’t occur (in advance of knowing the real reason) that sent my mind in all the wrong directions.  Talk about self-created stress and confidence-squashing all for no reason! 

Have you ever conjured up stories?  Like if a friend didn’t return your call, so you told yourself that they must be mad at you only to find out later that they were ill?  Or that you didn’t get the job and you convinced yourself it’s because they gave it to an insider, only to learn that the company was in receivership? Or perhaps you were the victim of someone else making up stories on your behalf and you found yourself on the defensive?

We are often so quick to jump to conclusions to fill in the blanks.   

I wonder: are we that afraid of the dark that we feel the need to use our mind’s eye to create false light?   

Aha! ~ Realize – real-eyes – that darkness can’t survive in the light. 

There is a reason they call it “being in the dark”.  For the most part, you learn through your senses and when you can’t “see” the truth, you can all too easily become overwhelmed in fear and drama. That’s when the ego spins the best stories. 

Sometimes history does repeat itself and things happen exactly as you suspected.  And when you exercise your intuition, you tap into clearer messages as to why things may have rolled out as they did; but suffice to say that giving proverbial energy drinks to your mental athlete that wants to jump hurdles in the dark is bound to cause injury. 

“Patience, Grasshoppers”.   You have the greatest impact when you face the light. 

Speaking of impact, Allison and I are teaming up for session two of three this Friday!!!  Success is empty without impact.

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