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There is Nothing I Can Do

Aha!  Moment Monday

Would you agree that you predominantly deal with people you like and trust?

Whether you are buying a property, looking to get into new wheels or doing a complete IT overhaul, only so much of your decision will be based on research, the rest will be driven by conditioning, expectations and comfort level.

What I mean is that we buy emotionally, then justify logically.  As analytical as we may be when endeavouring to make a move, invest in ourselves or upgrade our lifestyle, we don’t stop at systems and processes to make our decision. At some point along the journey, we look to connect emotionally with another human being.

That human being may be in the form of ‘social proof’ – a website endorsement or testimonial – or a family member, neighbour, fellow association member or someone who came referred.  They may not be the best at their craft but that consideration gives way to the fact that you are in some way already connected.

And so, what does that expectation of service look like?  It is at the same level of someone you would have hired cold?  At a higher level because you have a connection?  At a lower level because there is implied favour territory? What if it were you offering the service?

Aha! ~ “Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to the consideration we show toward others.” ~ Earl Nightingale

I booked a two-some at a golf course then learned my playing partner was unavailable.  Out of courtesy to the course, I called well in advance of our tee time to advise that my partner couldn’t make it so they could sell the spot.  I was told that I would be charged for both spots because I did not give them the acceptable number of hours advance notice according to the booking policy on their website.

Truth be told, I wasn’t able to book on their website because it wasn’t performing properly and had to call the course and book over the phone.  Because the course was busy I was put on hold and hung up on twice, both in booking and in cancelling. 

I suppose “ignorance is no excuse” and he was holding me responsible to know and follow their booking rules however when I shared the situation in its entirety, asking for consideration, the answer I received from the associate golf professional was, “There is nothing I can do.”

“There is nothing I can do” is right up there with, “That’s not my job”, “I’m too busy” and “You’re wrong”.   Systems and processes are the structure, but service is driven by humans.  How you serve speaks volumes because how you do one thing is how you do everything.

To finish the story, when I arrived at the course, a different service professional was behind the counter.  He asked if I was paying for both spots and I said I had called in advance to cancel the second spot.  I was only charged for my round and I was armed with a great story to share with you.  Fair?

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There has never been a better time to take A Human Approach.

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