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Aha! Moment Monday

I had a call with my web strategist about some upcoming expansion ideas for our business.  When it came to social media optimization she wisely suggested, “You’ll need to hire someone to create the reach you’re looking for.”

Do you think the wisdom of that recommendation is in the fact that an individual who is competent in social media marketing can help us gain ground?  You would be right but there is a hidden gem in her counsel.  The real wisdom in her advice is that she cleverly advised that person not be me.

My web strategist sees many keepers of social media accounts take responsibility for both content and execution in an attempt to keep the messages personal and engaging.  But she also knows that in order for a visionary to operate at their highest level of emotional intelligence, they need to be doing their work – the work only they can do – and allow those who are qualified and in love with complementary work, to do theirs.

Do you find that when you’re doing a task that doesn’t align with your skills or values that you’re more easily frustrated?  Are you capable of delivering your highest value when you’re stressed out?  Social media is fun but it’s not my baby.

Aha! ~ Stay calm and be honest with yourself

The candor required to be honest – to admit your weaknesses and that you don’t have all the answers – creates a healthy void.  Further, the mindset of a great leader is built on self-awareness and self-control.  “Self-awareness about their weaknesses allows emotionally intelligent leaders to live their lives—and lead their teams—from their strengths while surrounding themselves with people who mitigate and help them strengthen their weaknesses.”  ~ Andrew S Kane, OBE, Ph.D.

And since nature abhors a vacuum, it can be wise to step out of your way with authenticity and vulnerability to bridge a connection with harmonized minds.  This creates an open, respectful place where all the right people can contribute to the bigger vision.

Go make a big difference.


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