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Think for Yourself

Have you ever read a good book twice, thrice, or more?

As an eternal student of awareness, with a fascination for the true essence of what being human is all about, I often re-read books by great leaders or people I call “thinkers”: those who go deep and then share those dives in their work.

Reading their discoveries causes me to think – whether I agree with them or not is not the point – and the more I read, watch, attend, and think about them, the more certain phrases, words, or concepts surface again and again like guiding principles.  What is profound is that those individual passages or laws pop up at pivotal times – Aha! Moments, if you will – when I get something in a different way and apply it in a leveling-up kind of way.

One thing Bob Proctor used to say is that people would rather die than think.  When he announced that in seminars, which he did routinely, the audience would laugh and Bob would raise his voice and say, “It’s true!” Jeffrey Wolf Green, a co-pilot of Evolutionary Astrology agrees, saying that 70% of people live in a consensus state a.k.a. herd mentality.  They don’t form independent thoughts; they look to the external world to form their own opinions.

Why is the majority of the populace content to outsource their thinking and allow the majority to make important life decisions for them?  Are we not born with our own internal guidance system?

Aha! ~ Trusting yourself requires that you surrender security beliefs and separate from the herd.

Whether or not the herd is right, it is safe, which, from a survival standpoint, is preferred.

Laura Matsue, a Holistic Coach, backs up Proctor’s statement about why people would rather die than think like this, “Moving to an individuated state is often a traumatic process.  Learning to trust yourself is an alienating and lonely process by design; you need to separate from the herd in order to do it and decommission what you thought was true about yourself and the world in the process.”

I’m witnessing the fear like this: even though there is hard evidence that those following the herd are paying with their lives, that same group will be the ones who are most offended and reject the truth when it’s presented because, as Matsue states, “… it goes against their paradigm.”

Good news and advice for thinkers from Matsue.

First, the news: “The highly individuated create the next consensus.”

Then her advice: “Focus on your own soul’s development.”

In other words, no need to wake up, force, coerce, or hate on those who aren’t ready. Do your own work and lead the way as you were intended to.

Oh, and funny about reading good books more than once: you often see something new, not through your eyes but through your evolved awareness.  Très cool.

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