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Thirst for Value

How much would you pay for a bottle of water?

If you bought it by the case at the grocery store, a 500 ml standard bottle in my part of the planet would be about $ .50.  If you bought it at the take-out counter, or in a convenience store, it might be $1.50.  It’s $2.50 at my golf course and $4.50 if they serve it (taxes and gratuities), probably $5.00 or more at a concert or on an airplane.

I buy alkaline water by the jug so it works out to only $  .19 per bottle.

If you were not very thirsty and saw that I had, say, 1000 bottles of water, you’d likely only offer to pay me a minimal amount because you noticed that the supply was substantial and you weren’t in great need.

Would the price you’d be willing to pay for water rise substantially if you were really thirsty and I was the last person in sight with only a handful of bottles left?

Same water. 

It all comes down to value.

Aha! ~  The next time you feel your worth is nothing, maybe you’re in the wrong place.

The Law of Compensation is based on three things:

  1. The need for what you do
  2. Your ability to do it
  3. The difficulty with which it is to replace you

We all know you’re irreplaceable yet not everyone will need what you do, and many may simply not possess the awareness to grasp the value of your unique talent and ability. That does not diminish your worth. It simply means you need to find a more suitable condition, audience or time, where you can shine.

Go where you’re celebrated, not tolerated.  

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