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Aha!  Moment Monday

Are you feeling like a tad off-balance?

There’s a “wheel of health” which identifies eight areas of your life that are all aspects of being a healthy human. It’s typically our body that pops into our heads when we think of “health” but “PHYSICAL” is just one aspect of feeling whole. Have a look at the others and see if your wheel has significantly shifted.

ENVIRONMENTAL Are you living in a surrounding that meets your needs and feeds your soul?

EMOTIONAL Do you feel confident and supported and free of worry?

FINANCIAL Are you feeling safe, stable and on a path to leave a rich legacy?

SPIRITUAL Is your belief calming and do you take time to connect with spirit?

SOCIAL With whom do you exchange ideas, love, energy, and have fun?

INTELLECTUAL Is what you’re feeding your brain advancing both your skills and your “self”?

OCCUPATIONAL Does how you contribute give you psychic income beyond just paying the bills?

If you were to rate each of these eight areas from 1-10 – one being the lowest of lows and 10 being completely fulfilled – is your spiritual side at an all-time high? Many are using words like “blessed” and “grateful” for that which a few weeks ago we took for granted. Let’s face it: our environment is contained, our social networks sent online, our finances uncertain and if we’re working at all it may not be feeding you in all the ways you choose.

How can we get back in balance when it feels like we have so little control?

Aha! ~ Be a 10 in the moment you want to be a 10

There’s no such thing as balance because nature has a rhythm. Everything goes in cycles. Nothing stays the same. But at any given time we can choose to be in the moment and give that area of our lives 100% dedication and attention without judgement or worry of the others at that moment.

When you choose to play with your kids, play with your kids. When you choose to have an online cocktail hour with a friend, be invested in what they have to say. When you choose to go for a walk, take a new look at everything around you, marvel in nature and smile as you pass another (albeit at 2 meters). When you choose to take command of your finances, be laser-focused on a positive outcome with experts who can assist. When you choose to read, watch or listen, be it enriching, advancing and consuming.

And when you choose to give your immune system the daily boost it so desperately needs right now – everyday, really – choose something that takes the guess-work out and something your body will love.

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Treat yourself to the best of health … always.


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