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Time to Earn What You Are Worth

Aha!  Moment Monday

What are you worth?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  I’m wondering how you would even calculate that or how you would determine a grid to establish worth and if you are being compensated accordingly.

It is easier to assess the worth of tangible things like a car, a pair of jeans or a gold bar.  Even so, cars that have four seats, an engine and a steering wheel range significantly in price based on factors that are important to the user, right?  Leather seats, technology, low mileage and a good sound system might be important to one yet to another, simply getting from point A to point B is all that matters.  Two pairs of jeans that look almost identical can be hundreds of dollars difference in price based on the designer label and you determine the value based on how the jeans fit and make you feel.  As for gold bars, not sure I would want to carry them around in my wallet but they do manage to hold value year over year.

As for people, there are executives who are paid hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to take responsibility for making corporate decisions and there are front-line service workers who develop core relationships with loyal customers and are paid a pittance in comparison.

We could argue the difference in pay is relative to education, experience, and skills but when it comes to delivering value, are the quantifiable decisions by the corporate executive of vastly more value than the significant relationships developed by a front-line service worker? Is society in charge of determining if we earn what we are truly worth?

Aha! ~ Your unique gift to bring value is immeasurable because it is limitless.

When we base our worth and pay expectations on factors like education or hard skills, we miss a significant human element that is far more difficult to measure but makes all the difference in the world.

As an entrepreneur, if you are asked if you would rather have a million dollars or an idea, you would likely take the potential of the idea.

When a friend’s health is in dire jeopardy and you recommend an easily adoptable solution that returns them to ideal health, your friend could not conceive what your advice is worth.

When you are offered the gift of mentoring by someone who is living the lifestyle you know you deserve and is willing to show you the way, no price could match that gift of experience and guidance.

What gets in the way of earning what you are worth is not your education, or your circumstances, or your experience, but purely your ability to see who you really are.  Society does not determine your value, you determine your value.

You are a creative, expansive, intelligent being of light designed to experience whatever you choose.  What would life look like if you were paid what you are worth?

Let’s talk more about what that looks like.  It’s all about taking A Human Approach.

Succeed Deliberately!


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