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Time to Succeed Deliberately!

According to the Congressional Budget Office in the U.S., at the lowest point of the last recession, more than 12 million Americans were expected to be underemployed.  That means being in jobs that are below their skill or education level.

Have you ever been one of them? Have you worked in a position that you felt was beneath you, where you believed you could offer more, or where you were bored?  What did you do about it?

The frustration of underemployment can be a blow to the ego and for that reason, many might avoid employment altogether. Others will take a position for economic reasons, perceive that it is beneath them then extend that miserable outlook in their daily routines. (If you’ve had the misfortune of dealing with someone who has accepted a role that they felt wasn’t to their standard, you likely experienced their poor attitude or service.)

No one likes to feel undervalued but are you being fair to yourself when you hand over your power to your position? Can you hold an attitude of expansion when your title suggests otherwise?

Aha! ~ Just because you flip burgers doesn’t make you a burger-flipper.

“Underemployment can have its value, the greatest of which is to ignite the human desire to do more and do better.” ~ E. Bernard Jordan in The Laws of Prosperity.   “The act of being in motion and effecting change even in a small way moves you closer to taking a step upward to a new level of employment.”

The fact that you made the choice to be working puts you in the flow, in the arena, and in action.  As long as you’re not complacent – come to rest in that position when your soul aspires for more – you can’t help but grow.

The ticket? Park your ego and be the best burger-flipper anyone has ever witnessed. Become aware of opportunities to learn, mentor and serve. Outgrow your position every day knowing who you are and where you’re headed.

Let’s interchange “employment” for “work” as underemployment can also be a phenomenal catalyst for starting something for yourself!

I’ll go on record saying I’ve always been a HUGE fan of the network marketing industry. With the right company, you can be in your own business simply by plugging into a well-designed system and without the headaches of birthing something yourself. And unlike the competitive corporate environment, you will enjoy plenty of education, tools, and support to ensure you’re ridiculously successful.

So .. what does Succeed Deliberately mean to you??

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