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The Truth About Chicken Soup

Aha Moment Monday

With cold and flu season approaching, the advice about the causes and cures will also be circulating in abundance.


We’re bound to hear “Don’t go outside with wet hair”, “Eat chicken soup” and “Get lots of vitamin C”, on more than one occasion.

There is no shortage of opinions or theories about protecting yourself of these contagious little bugs.


If we didn’t dry our hair after swim class then came down with the sniffles, we might equate that combination to what brought us down.

But is that really the case or just a coincidence?


Whether or not the story is true, we might accept it if it makes sense or aligns with what we’ve experienced in the past.


We adopt these kinds of stories in so many aspects of our lives on a daily basis.

The ones like, “He didn’t return my email so that must mean they gave the business to someone else.” OR “She didn’t call me on my birthday so she must be mad at me.”  How about, “He didn’t clean up the dishes because he’s a slob.”, OR “That car cut me off because she’s such a poor driver” ?


Sound familiar?


Preconceived conclusions may bring acceptance to a situation but are we being fair to ourselves by creating our own ending?

Can making an assumption throw us down the wrong path?


Aha – “The object of the superior man is truth” ~ Confucius


Maybe he didn’t return your email because he was on holidays.

Perhaps she didn’t call you on your birthday because she lost power in the storm.

Maybe he didn’t do the dishes because his sister’s plane arrived early and he chose to bolt to the airport.

Perhaps the car cut you off because the driver was trying to get a choking child to the hospital.


Misinformation can cause stress and stress plays havoc on your immune system and a weak immune system makes you more susceptible to catching the common cold.

Protect your mind and your body.  Know the truth, like that chicken soup really does lesson cold symptoms and make you feel better.


To your health!


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