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What is it?

It is a patent held by the U.S. government pertaining to mind control through a screen; an electromagnetic manipulation technique.

I find the subject of mind control fascinating so when a short clip on the subject of MKUltra, shock and drug techniques popped up on Librti, I had to watch … and write about it.

For decades, abuse against humanity, through technologies designed to break and manipulate the mind, are continually tried, tested and perfected.

What’s fascinating about US650614882, the first patent in a series, is the warning issued, “These results confirm that indeed the nervous system of a subject can be manipulated through electromagnetic field pulses emitted by a nearby CTR or LCD monitor which displays images with pulse intensity.”  In other words, pulses of activity through your computer, phone or television monitor can be controlled in such a way as to alter your nervous system, state of consciousness and overall being.  The pulses can be so low in frequency that they’re subliminal yet their effect, profound.

Why would the government patent technologies to manipulate people’s minds through their screens? 

I can’t put decades of research, patent elaboration, or case histories inside of a 60-second blog, but what I can share is the firm understanding that within seconds of being in front of your television or theatre screen, you are lulled into a trance.  As you are being entertained, your mind is wide open to receive.

How can this affect your health, critical thinking skills, finances, use of time and growth?  How can you protect yourself against pulsing predators?

Aha! ~ Get outside in nature.

Nature doesn’t manipulate, it connects.  Nature doesn’t program, it renews.  Nature doesn’t have an agenda, it stimulates you so you can serve at your highest good.

Being in nature – facing the sun, walking barefoot and hugging a tree – is proven to ward off depression, heart disease, many cancers, and renew your connection with the divine.  It can also be phenomenal entertainment with real people. 

It’s true what they say that the best things in life are free!

When my out-of-office message says that I’m on a course, know that is code for me taking a deserved nature break, ball and club in hand.  It is part of many deliberate actions I take to serve my body and mind.  I’ll share more on our A Human Approach Youtube channel entitled, US6506148B2.

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