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Volunteer for Life

Aha Moment Monday

The big question today is: Did you volunteer?

Did you volunteer to bring in the coffees this morning?
Did you volunteer to work on that big RFP due Friday?
Did you volunteer to review applications, to hit the bank, to write the blog, to order the new computer, to analyze the data, to create the customer profile, to drive a friend to her cancer treatment, to pick up the cheque, to rally event participants, to mentor someone in a new position, to take the kids to practice, to listen to a new idea, to help out with the charity golf tournament … ??

You might be thinking, ‘I don’t volunteer to go to work, that’s what I get paid for! And I don’t volunteer to take the kids to practice. If I don’t take them, who will? Okay, maybe I volunteer for the charity golf tournament.”

Many people feel a sense of obligation to their employer, their team, their family and friends or even their community. And that if there is compensation involved that it’s not volunteering.

Have a look at the definition of a volunteer: A person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task.
The definition doesn’t say, “A person who takes part for free”, it says, “A person who freely offers…”
Volunteering means that you’re offering without restriction or interference, that of free will, willingly and readily, openly and honestly. Compensation isn’t the deciding factor.

Aha – Life is the ultimate volunteer sport

While there may be consequences relative to where, how and to what extent you volunteer, make no mistake, you’re always, at the core level, volunteering. “Free will” is one of your maker’s greatest gifts.
That means that life is a sum total of your series of choices, your “volunteering”, if you will.

So, think about one upcoming effort or undertaking – maybe you need to review applications – and feel for a minute if you’re anticipating it or dreading it. Identify the consequences of doing it, not doing it, postponing it, sharing it, or delegating it. Once you decide to do it, realize it’s a choice and give it everything you’ve got, joyfully and enthusiastically.

Volunteer for life.

Dedicated to my friend Ros, who knew how to live.


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