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Aha Moment Monday

What was the first thing that popped into your head this morning?
You might have been a bit groggy or, if you’re like me, startled by the alarm, but what is the first thing you remembered saying to yourself?

Something like:
“Ugh – I’m so tired!”
“I’m never going to make that meeting in time!”
“I really don’t feel like going to the gym in the dark!”
“This is going to be a demanding day!”

If you told yourself anything like the above – and I’ll ask the classic psychologists’ question here – how did that make you feel?
Were you energized to get up and get going with your day??

Now maybe you woke up with the sun shining and birds chirping and with a sense of gratitude in your heart looking forward to a magnificent day!
If that was you, how did that make you feel?

When I share with my friend and coach, Peggy McColl, what I’m working on, she always says, “I see you accomplishing that easily.”
Now she obviously believes in me, which, in itself, is a huge gift, and when she uses the word “easily”, I immediately relax and have a calm sense of knowing; I move confidently forward.
If Peggy asked me, “What hurdles do you have to overcome?”, or “What part of your goal stresses you out?” then I would surely assume a different posture and frame of mind.

Aha – that which you tell yourself affects your belief

It’s not like there won’t be parts of your day or your goal process that isn’t going to stretch or challenge but it’s the words you choose to describe them that sets your attitude in motion.

You can frame the challenges as potential “struggles” which would make you feel like you’re in for a painful process
You can frame the challenges as potential “growth” which would make you feel like you’re expanding your mind and spirit.

If you tell yourself that you’ll never find a parking spot, then you won’t.
If you tell yourself that you’ll get a cold every Christmas, then you will.
If you tell yourself that you’re wasting your time, have no control, aren’t lucky, will not have a good time at the party, aren’t ready for your presentation or any other negative thing, you will own those issues as well.

Your subconscious mind is programmed to believe whatever you tell yourself.

Given who you are and that you have the gifts of higher faculties –will, reason, imagination, intuition, memory and reason – you’re a power-house package that can handle anything!
So what’s your big opportunity today?
I see you accomplishing that “easily”.


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