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Way to go, Champ!

Aha! Moment Monday

Do you ever witness someone winning and ask yourself, “How did they do that?”

There are those who clearly have talent, those who clearly have motivation, those who seem to have all the right doors open at precisely the right time, and those who have great role-models (disguised as parents). When your sites are set on winning in life, it’s natural to look for an element – or try and connect the dots of elements – of how others achieved great success.

In all aspects of life of entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, politicians, professionals, students who are all oozing with talent, fired up with motivation, and are being promoted and supported by their family and community. Then there are those few who rise above that pool of exceptional players to be a champion. What makes them exceptional?

You have to, “… find a way where there is no way” says Lisa Bentley, 11-time IRONMAN Champion In other words, dig deep and when it gets difficult, dig deeper.

Lisa has written 113 pages in An Unlikely Champion citing gruelling races with the most challenging of circumstances that tested her principals and led her to wins – most people would have thrown in the work-out towel much earlier – but Lisa was a champion long before she ran any race, jumped on a bike or dipped her toes in the water. Even though her high school track coach said she had no talent, Lisa decided otherwise because she knew she had something more important, she had purpose.

Aha! ~ “Attitude is more important than fact” ~ Lisa Bentley.

When you’re doing your work – your work – your motivation dispels all boundaries and you find a way, not by luck, but by way of gratitude, hard work and discipline and simply because you’re meant to. “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” ~ Tony Robbins

My friend, Stacey, is an Inspector in the police service. She’s rather young to have achieved this rank but is one of the most celebrated officers, not only because of her exceptional ability to perform her duties but because of her exceptional ability to lead others. Nobody dissects the study guides like she does, nobody asks questions and seeks advice like she does, nobody looks for creative solutions in service like she does and nobody helps others accomplish their goals and rank advancements like she does. Stacey is a champion.

While competition often appears external you’re only ever competing with yourself. And in that moment-by-moment competition to be a better you, sometimes you win, sometimes you learn, mostly you smile knowing only you can be you.

Lisa reminds us, “Each of us has the power to be a champion. Just tattoo a picture of your wonderful self in your subconscious. Then, call it to action daily to create your best life.”
Way to go, Champ!

More on Lisa here https://www.lisabentley.com/


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