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Aha Moment Monday

My FitBit is no fashion statement but I like it.  It gives me feedback on my routine and keeps me mindful of making healthy active choices.

I wasn’t the first to get a FitBit.  Many of my friends had one before I did and though I saw in-store displays and marketing messages for some time, I chose when to invest.


Now I’m hooked; not only on my FitBit but on the company.

They have a cool on-line program that lets you sync your device with your phone or computer and not only helps you track your progress, it also rewards you with fun levels of achievement.  You can also connect with your on-line friends who are FitBit enthusiasts, invested in their health.


But that’s not all.


When my FitBit died one day several months back, I went on-line, did all the recommended trouble-shooting they suggested then finally called the “help” line.


Now, if you know me you know that I put off those kinds of phone calls with all my might.  They usually take much longer than they should, involve being transferred from one department to another or requiring supervisor’s assistance, and don’t always end well.  With FitBit I got an intelligent person right off the bat.  She easily qualified me then THANKED me for doing the trouble shooting before calling.  In a matter of a few short minutes we determined that I needed a new FitBit and she offered to send me one – free of charge.  It arrived the next day.  My new one acted up months later but I wasn’t afraid to make the call.  We trouble shot (my program disallowed my past tense attempt: “shooted”) on the phone and got it working again quickly.  Yesterday I got my “Italy” badge – apparently I have walked a distance equal to the size of Italy – and sent “challenges” to a few of my Facebook friends so we could virtually walk together.


My point is that FitBit did a fair bit of marketing before I jumped on board but it’s the brand continuity between programs and people that inspire me to stay.  Every aspect of their offer is consistent with their brand.


Aha – Marketing is no longer a “department”.


It’s not uncommon for a marketing team to put together a kick-ass brand message and implementation program.

The test is how the message is conveyed and carried.


When there is inconsistency between the marketing message and the experience, the brand is watered-down or worse, tainted.


The essence of the brand needs to resonate with absolutely everyone in the organization and then be shared at every word, in every action, at every touch-point with customers, supporters, partners, teammates and stakeholders alike.

That kind of consistency is no easy task, but it’s worth it.

In fact, when you make that level of consistency and satisfaction a priority, you create Brand Ambassadors – like me.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta run.


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