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CHALLENGE #7: We’ve been asked to contribute to a goody bag at a golf tournament. What should we contribute?

Solution: First of all, do your best to find out a few things like:

  1. Who will be playing in the tournament?
  2. What does the goody bag look like?
  3. Who else is contributing?
  4. Where will the goody bag be distributed?

If you have an idea of who is attending and how they’ll receive your gifts (as well as everyone else’s) you’ll get a better idea as to what will have impact.

If you really want to stand out and make this effort pay off, ask the tournament organizer what other gift opportunity there might be.  Perhaps you can sponsor something that can be hooked to the golf bag – glove caddy, bag ID tag, ball cleaner- as the golf services people will do this as part of the event.

If the attendees are casual golfers then ask about another location to sponsor or gift.  A tin of mints on each place setting on the banquet table?  Branded chair sleeves with one sleeve being a secret winning gift?  A tube of spot-out (stain remover) to be given out at a hole serving food?

Tossing a trinket into a bag is a very shot-gun approach.  It might bring business or it might get tossed.  If the goody bag is the only option, find something that appeals to the audience and include an imprint with a call to action so it’s measurable.

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