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What does tomorrow look like?

What does tomorrow look like? If you had a chance to meet him you’d recognize him as a “millennial.” At 19 he’s not patient enough to learn first, and add compassion later. He wants to connect with his work, and causes, during every step of the way. A recent Facebook post says, “I don’t want to measure my success in terms of materialism.” His inherent desire to live purposely is contagious and he thrives on aligning with like-minded individuals. He’s a game-changer. His name is William. He’s a student at uOttawa (University of Ottawa). What sets him apart is that he’s one of 50 bright and enthusiastic students who, to-date, have applied for PPPC scholarship support. Like the others, he wants to make a difference . William represents the new work force: an individual with purpose. And it’s through the scholarship program we get to meet these students who are creative and innovative. Millennials have been raised differently. They collaborate, not only their peers, but other generations seamlessly. When they experience meaning in their work, they tend to be more engaged and loyal. They’re expressive in a way that shakes the thoughts of the traditionalists, though their values are often the same. They’re tech savvy and innovative. As corporate leaders, it behooves us to understand them. Reading the essays of the scholarship applicants gives us a glimpse of what’s on their minds. They’re fascinating and energetic. They share their history, but more importantly, they spell out their goals. The scholarship program attracts those who are willing to go the extra distance; essays often reveal not only their desire, but need for support. If you ever thought investing in a scholarship wasn’t a worthy expense, think again. As a corporate sponsor you: • Name your award. Put your marketing hat on and decide on a name that mirrors a corporate initiative or one of your youth-oriented brands. • Meet the students. What better way to get an introduction to new talent than through a grass roots program that connects you, the corporate leader, with inspired youth? • Share the stage. With the support of PPPC, create an on-line profile of your scholarship and the students you’ve supported. Your community wants to learn that your vision today includes investing in the work force of tomorrow. The PPPC Scholarship program is about three disciplines: leadership, education and growth. Together, similar to a triple braided cord, they represent strength and stability; it is a symbol of a thriving economy. If you ask William what he thinks about following your passion he’ll quote Steve Jobs, “Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your inner voice.” You likely know first-hand that passionate leaders make the best mentors. We invite you – a passionate leader – to invest in our future with the PPPC Scholarship program and help create your own tomorrow. http://www.pppc.ca/Scholarship Our future thanks you.

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